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Our staff is prepared to handle large establishments and venues as well, all the while ensuring that special attention is paid to each and every guest. Our valet parking service is ideal for event venues, special events, restaurants, hotel and any high traffic business.


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Our services better guarantee a safe, easy, and convenient overall
experience for both you and your patrons.

Remote Monitoring Platform
FLASH/VTS Barcode Tracking System
SMS. Ticketless Text Message Solution-Valet Technology

We keep up to date on innovations in parking so you don’t have to!

We have been using new technological innovations to both simplify and expand our current services, using everything from SMS to cut down wait times to being able to provide real-time reports of revenue and day to day statistics. Our services better guarantee a safe, easy, and convenient overall experience for both you and your patrons.


Ticket Control

Track every parked vehicle and its subsequent details, which includes arrival and departure times, make & model, valet staff, and payment data. Know exactly when your busiest times are and who your most efficient employees are.

Damage Tracking

Make valet services honest. Eliminate possible false claims or provide evidence for valid claims of vehicle damage with the option to take and store time-stamped photos of each vehicle from the time it arrives to the time it leaves.

On Demand Scanning

Scan your vehicles with ease using a real-time scanning tool.

Bluetooth Printer

Print receipts on the fly via a Bluetooth printer connection. It will allow you to print a ticket if a customer is unable to check-in with their phone, and to print receipts for a customer after payment.

Online Reports

Get real-time reports of revenue, vehicle volume, performance metrics, capacity and more. Our online reporting solutions are idea for keeping track of our quality service.

Scableable Princing

Helps you change your pricing automatically, and is customized to fit immediate needs, including fixed rates, special events, demand pricing and more.

Variability in a confident space for everyone.

Omni Parking is sophisticated enough to work in virtually any parking environment. No matter the event or the lot type, let us show you what OP can do. We currently provide Valet and Self-Parking services to over 30 South Florida locations.

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